Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Again: I guess the truth hurts.
At least I get to f Paige.

You're Spinner! You're almost like the male
equivilant of a ditz. You do run with the most
popular group (Jimmy, Marco, Craig) and the
hottest chick in school (Paige) is your new
girlfriend. A lot of the time you act out,
don't think before you speak, and are a bit
closed minded. You really, really need to work
on your intellect. But we do all know you have
a heart of gold. You're with Paige because you
supported her during her darkest hour, you're
always interested in your friend's lives, are
willing to give up your reputation for some
things that are more important, and protective
of your siblings. The biggest problem you have
though, is accepting one of your closest
friends sexuality. Maybe if you stay with Paige
long enough, she'll teach you how to deal with
school, friends, and your slight case of
homophobia (Her brother is gay after all!).
Everyone pretty much knows that just because
you're not the brightest crayon in the box,
doesn't mean you're not a sweetie on the

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