Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Get your nerd on.

I have got to let the current Wes Anderson fixation go. He's popping up on this blog way too much and, you know, I just have to accept that Life Aquatic isn't so hot and move on.
But I ask you: how can I move on when I find a site that explores Wes Anderson's obsession with the futura font in Tenenbaums? That's right I can't.
Having found this site, I feel compelled to tell a personal story. I kind of avoid telling personal stories here, 'cause I feel like I want to keep this site... well, kinda sorta anonymous. (Meaning employers and/or potential employers can't hold shit against me. Basically.) But I have to tell this story, especially after finding said font site.
I managed to see an extremely early cut of The Royal Tenenbaums and, well, long story short Wes Anderson asked me what I thought of it. Now, I was totally blown away and, er, nervous and at a complete and total loss for words. So, I started babbling at length aboout how I loved the world he created and how brilliant it was and how excellent it was that all the fonts in the film were the same. Yes indeed. Wes Anderson asks me about his film and I tell him that I like the fonts.
Yeah, brilliant.


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