Saturday, December 11, 2004

The race card.

Anyone catch David Edelstein's initial review of The Life Aquatic? In it, he called Wes Anderson a racist for his constant use of "non-white actors" as sight gags and wondered why, say, the Village Voice hadn't called Anderson out on it. (Edelstein answered his own question by pointing out that Noah Baumbach's mother is a columnist for the Voice.)
I don't think Anderson is a racist, but I think it's a valid topic to discuss. Last year, when the Lost In Translation is racist campaign was in full swing, I wondered how these people charging Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray could justify their support of Wes and his use of Kumar Pallana. I thought it was refreshing that Edelstein was throwing it out there and opening it up for discussion. Funny thing is: the paragraph is no longer there. I read the review minutes after it was posted, so I have no clue when, exactly, the offending section was deleted. Disappointing.

My reaction to Life Aquatic (second viewing) tomorrow.


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