Saturday, December 04, 2004

Sacred Cows.

I love playing Sacred Cows (a game wherein you go around the table [or bar or whatves] and announce your utter contempt for something that is considered perfection. For instance: I wouldn't mind if the negative to The Graduate was consumed by fire.*)
Those funny old Brits at The Guardian are having a go at it (albeit minus the Sacred Cows brand). I think this blurb, from one Charlie Brooker, is my favorite (mainly 'cause it's so insanely British and because he's taking down one of my personal favorites):
The Royal Tenenbaums: "There wasn't a single character I could relate to or even feel faintly curious about - and worse than that, no proper jokes, just the sort of wry non-funnies that ponces pretend to find deeply amusing in the theatre."

Oh those theatre-prone ponces.

*= Side note: I think the greatest round of Sacred Cows I ever witnessed was when my friend Fraser went really sacred. Usually, people just name random beloved films or revered bands, etc. When it came to Fraser he announced: Othello by William Shakespeare. He then calmly explained how Iago was one of the most poorly written characters the Bard ever created and how the play as a whole was a giant turd. Taking down The Bard... that's balls, my friends.


At 3:59 PM, Blogger spencer said...

i like that article.
and i too hated withnail and i.
wonder what his favorite movie is.

reversal of fortune, maybe?

At 4:30 AM, Blogger Joshua said...

I don't think taking down the Bard takes balls. I mean, I like Othello and I super love Iago, but does anyone without Down syndrome actually like Romeo and Juliet? No. That's a fucking shitty play and, although Macbeth more than makes up for it, we shouldn't forget that R&J sucks fucking asshole so hard it bleeds.

Let's talk about really sacred. Gospel accoriding to Mark is okay, According to Luke fine, According to Matthew, horrific and hideous, according to John, let me pierce my foreskin with screwdriver. [However, According to Jesus Christ by Jose Saramago, excellent![

this i the drunkest comment i've ever made. i'm too drunk to bother typing or editing. Still, down with Romeo and Juliet up with Beyond The Valley of the Dolls.


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