Sunday, December 05, 2004

This and that.

  • In case you forgot, Harry Knowles is a poet. (Via Tim.)

  • I watched Short Cuts last night for the first time in years. It's even better than I remember. I still think it could use a little pruning (I could use with a little less of Annie Ross' jazz stylings and think the Lilli Taylor/Downey Jr. stuff could be trimmed), but good God is it rich and overflowing... And the "big moment/showstoppers" (i.e., Jack Lemmon's monologue, Julianne Moore and Matthew Modine's fight) are perfection. Waking up this morning, I was a little saddened to read this quote from Bob (via Ebs): "I used to plan on another decade. Now I'll settle for a few more years."
    Oh Bob. Don't say that. You still have, er, Prairie Home Companion: The Movie (sigh) to make. And hopefully another great one after that. (Ebert's response to Altman's doom and gloom? "I advise him to keep on telling time by making films and he will never die, because it won't be in the production schedule.")

  • The LA Times has a fluff-ball piece on The Life Aquatic. I wouldn't've even bothered linking, if it wasn't for the truly awful picture of Wes. He looks like a pterodactyl.
    Oh and for some reason I found this exchange between Bill Murray and Wes kind of charming:
    "I'm an adult now. I'm not an ingénue anymore. I'm sort of like, who's the girl in 'The Last Picture Show?' "

    "Cybill Shepherd?" offers Anderson.

    Cybill Shepherd, Murray agrees.

    "I'm not an ingénue anymore. I'm a leading lady. But it's interesting, I'm yet unseen as a leading lady."

  • Last night at UCLA, The Melvins provided live accompaniment to three short films by Cameron Jamie. A few days ago they talked to Rolling Stone about film music and why they chose to collaborate with Jamie. I walked away with one clear understanding: The Melvins' Buzz Osborne ♥s Danny Elfman. Dig: "I didn't want to do some Danny Elfman crapola. He must write that shit in his sleep. He might as well be working at a fucking bank." La la la la la la la la laaaaaa....*

    *= An html attempt at creating an Elfmanesque children's choir.


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