Wednesday, January 05, 2005


The newly resurrected TMFTML (hoorah!) links to this take-down of The Life Aquatic. I think it articulates a lot of what everyone has been saying/thinking/trying-to-write (well, except for Josh) and is hilariously snarky to hipsters.
Best of all, like Degrassi, it goes there. If David Edelstein is a little too timid to tackle Anderon's "race isssues," this dude isn't.
This all seems resonant with a theory I have heard spouted (though never read) by and about young people today—that growing up in 'diverse communities' with friends of every color and creed, they are 'postracial.' It follows that they make racist jokes without malice, as a way of rebelling against the tyranny of political correctness. Perhaps this is true, and maybe it’s not even such a bad thing: racism isn’t racism anymore it’s just breaking of taboo. We can poke a little fun at Phillipinos and Sikhs and Arabs and Germans and people from Kentucky, and then all listen together to the ebony-skinned Brazilian man on the deck of the Belafonte singing 'Ziggy Stardust' in Portuguese.

Whoo. See? Check it out. And rejoice in the return of TMFTML.


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