Sunday, January 30, 2005


Finished the Waxman book. I need a sec to digest it all and write a proper response, but, first, let me say this: if you are thinking of buying the book, please just get it from the library. Or get it used. You'll thank me and have the satisfaction in knowing you didn't help support the crazy woman. It's a really fun, gossipy book in places (i.e., learning that not only was Lawrence Bender a ballet dancer but a tango dancer too! P.T. Anderson once ate a comment card at a test screening! Gene Hackman repeatedly called Wes Anderson a cunt on the set of Tenenbaums!), but this woman knows little-to-nothing about film and just can't get basic facts straight. (Magnolia wasn't shot in '98, it was shot in '99. The film got three Oscar noms, not two. David Fincher had directed three films, not two, when he got Fight Club. Wes Anderson's debut film was not Rushmore, it was Bottle Rocket. Pat Dollard is Sodebergh's manager not agent. And on and on and on.) Consider yourself warned.


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