Wednesday, February 16, 2005

2 + 2 = 5.

1-3) Random music found on the interweb.
Huzzah for MP3 blogs. Downloading random tracks and mash-ups and foreign songs that I'd never otherwise hear has made the hurdle known as "my job" tolerable. I thought I'd send you over to some recent, miscellaneous hottness:

  • Music (For Robots): Björk's "Isobel" as remixed by everyone's fave British grindcore band Carcass. (If only Dimmu Borgir would take on "Bachelorette"...)

  • The Big Ticket: Stars' "Look Up"-- dreamy electro-acoustic pop that I'm sure was HUGE on KCRW back in '02.

  • Stereogum: "Screaming Pro in Hell." Wherein Michael and Janet Jackson are introduced to Beck's "E-Pro." As one can imagine, there's much tabloid hatin', retro-guitar riffage, Dust Brother beats, and plenty of gutteral "sh'mon"s.


Sasha writes a scene where the dinosaurs of "electronica" get together to discuss how much their current work sucks. It's kind of silly, but, for whatever reason, I found this line extremely amusing:

Daft Punk: Ha ha ha. I want [Fatboy Slim] to DJ when I marry my Palm Pilot.

Is the new Daft Punk album really as bad as the early buzz indicates? I can't rememeber who blogged about it, but someone said it sounded like Daft Punk just recorded the noises that were made as they fucked their fax machine. And they meant that in a negative way.

5) Jenna Elfman, protector of Earth.
I am so thankful that Jenna is going to protect the world from "body thetans." This is an excerpt from an interveiw Ms. Elfman did with Celebrity Magazine (a Scientology publication):
“I intend to make Scientology as accessible to as many people as I can. And that is my goal,” Elfman said. To do this, she says, it is my “duty to clear the planet.” By “clearing” she means to rid the world of “body thetans” — aliens who Scientologists believe inhabit the earth from a nuclear explosion 75 million years ago. She continued that “the more successful I became, the more suppression I bumped into … especially in the entertainment industry, which really is home to rabid suppression.”

Don't well all feel better now? (Via Defamer/MSN.)


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