Monday, February 21, 2005

Quote of the day.

"I feel like Mattel should put out an Indie Rock Barbie. She can come with black Converse and dark, skinny jeans with fat cuffs and a black studded low-riding belt and a really rad asymmetrical haircut with contrasting-color roots and a messenger bag with a few tastefully-paced buttons and a really tight band t-shirt under a red hoodie and she absolutely has to have some mod earrings and something scribbled on her hand in Sharpie. And Indie Rock Ken would either wear tight jeans or khaki-colored Dickies, depending what kind of indie rocker he was. He'd pretty much be wearing the same outfit as Barbie, but with a really tight plaid button-down, and his hoodie would most likely be navy. And each of them would come with a Friendster profile that included really, really obscure bands and Fellini films. And they would look vaguely malnourished and pale. Specs optional."

--Nayiri, making me miss TT's.


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