Monday, February 28, 2005

Oscar blah blah blah, Vol. 2.

Some amusing notable quotables found on the Interweb.

"Carlie the word that yo're looking for is hermaphrodite, and i didn't like her movie but i doubt that she have a penis."
Gaby From Brazil, on Ms. Swank, found in the comment section of stereogum.

"When Andy Rooney had to get up to pee, The 'seat fillers' could have replaced him with a bag of potatoes with a bowtie."
Yaya, also on stereogum. I think Yaya meant Mickey Rooney. Either way, it made me laugh.

"[Having Antonio Banderas sing 'Al Otro Lado del Rio' is] not only ethically, but aesthetically unacceptable."
--Walter Salles, director of Motorcycle Diaries, as quoted by Dana Stevens.

"She's so rad.  She does voices really well.  I think they call them accents these days."
--Nayiri, on Cate Blanchett, at Horny Gandhi.

"Lumet 'dreamed of Oscar,' so he also receives this year’s award for first person to refer to Oscar as a person or deity. I think his girlfriend or wife or daughter will win for most spectacular tan/breasts combo."
"Imelda Staunton should win it, but I’ll bet the house on Hillary Swank-Lowe. I’ll also bet the house that she’s Matt Damon in a dress. But she’s got an amazing body, so I don’t know how I feel about that. OK, now 'You’re my everything' gets the award for 'Most Pathetically Uncreative Shout Out To My Husband, The Less Talented Of Two Amazingly Out Of Touch And Curiously Conservative Hollywood Brothers.'"
--Leroy Street on goldenfiddle.

"Fuck all these 'meet the Queen' gowns. They're movies. Movies have feathers in them. And mirrors. Ask Laura Mulvey, whut."


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