Friday, June 24, 2005

Hanging in Vegas.

Back from my 30 hour Vegas jaunt and playing catch-up.
How was the Wynn hotel? As the kids say: binoculars. If I had more time, I'd've gone around and just taken pictures of all the carpet and wallpaper and ceilings and fixtures just to show y'alls how amazing and weird and textured the place is. But that whole work thing got in the way, so you lose.
I did manage to sneak in a visit in to the Wynn Gallery to check out fifteen pieces from Mr. Wynn's art collection, including paintings by Picasso, Renoir, Van Gogh, and the world's only privately held Vermeer. Upon entry you get one of those little audio-guide thingies that are (ostensibly) there to give you insight and background into each painting as you look at it. On this tour the ubiquitous Mr. Wynn gave the audio tour and let's just say that art history is not necessarily his forte.

Forget about any mention of Vermeer's use of chiaroscuro or his technique, Wynn wants you to know that it took ten years to verify that "Young Woman Seated At The Virginals" actually was a Vermeer and that he had to fight for it, so that it could hang in Vegas. Why was it so important that this painting hang in Vegas? Who knows, he doesn't say. My guess is that Wynn knew the picture would look pretty great after four straight hours of playing the slots, two foot-long margaritas, and a trip to the MGM Grand buffet.

His commentary on Sargent's portrait of Robert Louis Stevenson is more illuminating. Oh, it doesn't include a discussion of Sargent's palette or why Madame Stevenson appears to be covered in a burka. Instead, we learn that after creating the mega-resort Treasure Island, Wynn felt it his obligation to show Vegas visitors a portrait of the man who inspired his vision. (I'm sure Mr. Stevenson would be thrilled to know that his writing not only lead to the creation of Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical, but those classy pirate ship battles that occur every hour in front of Treasure Island: The Mega-Resort.)
After those two riveting discussions, I gave up on the audio tour and let the voices in my head do the rest of the narrating.


At 1:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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