Friday, June 03, 2005

Very smarmy things.

The cinetrix links to this excellent interview with Glenn Kenny of Premiere Magazine. I have to reprint this bit (Mr. Kenny is asked if a director or screenwriter has ever contacted him to express displeasure with a review):

"I wrote a pretty contemptuous review of Very Bad Things back in 1998--it deserved nothing less--and its director Peter Berg told an assistant editor from the L.A. office who he ran into at some red-carpet event that he considered the notice 'Not fucking cool.' You can imagine the sleepless nights that caused. One of that same movie's co-stars, Jeremy Piven, was talking to another editor at a party in Chicago, and he asked her, I am told, a) how old I was and b) if I was British, which I thought was pretty hilarious."

Apparently old Anglos just won't get the subtle charms and nuances of VBT.


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