Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Commentary Inventory, No. 1.

A preface:
In 2002, enjoying his post-college unemployment, my friend Tim sat down with pen and paper and documented every influence--film, book, record, artist, etc.--that Wes Anderson mentioned on the commentary track of Criterion's Royal Tenenbaums DVD.
Tragically, I never saw said list. If you know me, you know I love--nay, lurve--lists, especially ones from oddball tastemakers, like, say, Wes Anderson or my friend Nayiri. Thus, I set out to recreate this mythical list and upped the ante by putting it on my interblog and added a bunch of hyperlinks and that blah blah blah.
So here it is, in all its time-wasting glory, every little thing Anderson mentioned as being influential to the making of Tenenbaums.

Commentary Inventory:
The Royal Tenenbaums

Anderson, Eric Chase (illustrator)
Avedon, Richard: In the American West (photography series, 1990)
Calderón, Miguel (painter)
Guinness, Hugo (artist)
Puckette, Elliott (artist)

Burton, Tim
Death Takes a Holiday
Enfants Terribles, Les
Feu follet, Le
Magnificent Ambersons, The
Paris, Texas
The Red Shoes

Blakey, Art: unspecified drum solo
Clash, The
Drake, Nick: "Fly"
Dylan, Bob: Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid
Enescu, George: "Sonata For Cello & Piano in F Minor"
Guaraldi Trio, Vince: "Christmas Time Is Here"
Nico: "These Days" and "Fairest of the Seasons"
Ravel, Maurice: "String Quartet in F Major"
Rolling Stones, The: Between the Buttons

Anderson, Texas (archeologist/director's mother)
Borg, Björn (tennis player)
Kid in 4th Grade Who Was Actually In Love With His Own Sister, A (director's classmate)
Tenenbaum, Brian (director's friend)
Wilson, Andrew (Wilson brother)

From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
McCarthy, Cormac
McInerney, Jay
New Yorker, The
Sacks, Oliver

Connors, Jimmy vs. Vilas, Guillermo at Forrest Hills, 1977 (tennis match)
Gino (restaurant)
"Mind Traveller" (television series)
Snoopy (comic character)
Waldorf Astoria (hotel)


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