Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Which piece of Tim Rutten's snark-filled Geraldo essay should I excerpt? Too dificult to choose just one paragraph. Try these two:

"Seeing [Geraldo Rivera] descend bright-eyed and sweaty on wretched New Orleans, as he did in Hurricane Katrina's aftermath, was like watching a vulture on crystal meth. The word that came to mind was not 'reporting,' but 'feeding.'"


"The notion of one employee of a news organization interviewing a colleague about his beef with another news organization seems to render the very notion of solipsism somehow inadequate. Still, it was worth the price of admission to hear O'Reilly describe Stanley as 'a committed liberal' and the New York Times as 'a pamphlet for the secular left.' Oh, why not go all the way, Bill, and use the words that really are in your heart … like 'infidel dogs.'"


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