Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I just need to say it: I really like "Only." Yes, I'm talking about the new Nine Inch Nails single; that "Only." And yes, when one graduates from high school, one should also graduate from appreciating Mr. Reznor's brand of "fuck this miserable world... Oh wait I am the world" angst and solipsism. But dammit, he makes such neatly constructed pieces of (angsty/solipsistic) four minute aggro-pop that I can't resist. You listen to "Only"'s drum machine crunch, synth squiggle, and Trent's dead-pan delivery (not to mention the "There is no fucking you / There is only me" chorus) and try to deny it.

Realted, Part 1: David Finchr's so-banal-it's-rad-and-oh-by-the-way-it's- 100%-CGI video for "Only" is here.

Realted, Part 1a: And speaking of rad videos, don't miss the latest White Stripes/Michel Gondry collaboration. It's Conanriffic.


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