Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Heeding the call.

I hate to disappoint Anonymous, but, uh, the searing wit and coruscating erudition that has become a hallmark of this Interblog is just not compatible with 2005 Golden Globe Nom commentary. Or something.
But I'm not one to let my peoples down, so, Anonymous, this one's for you.

2005 Golden Globe Nominations, I ain't mad atcha. You're a notoriously fickle/silly/dumb award (insert tired Pia Zadora ref here) but this year's crop of nominees aren't so bad. Sure, you gave a bunch to The Producers (I haven't seen it, but it looks shrill and tiresome plus it stars Nathan Lane which is never a good sign), way too many to George Clooney's Murrow hagiography, two too many to Opie's Cinderella Man, and three prime spots to Fernando Meirelles's The Constant Gardner (bleh). Oh and you gave a nomination for Best Original Song to Christmas In Love's titular theme. Of course, the film was never seen in the U.S., doesn't have distribution here, and was released overseas in 2004, so go figure.
On the plus side, The Squid and the Whale got more nominations than Munich and King Kong, Alexandre Desplat earned a richly deserved nomination for his Syriana score, History of Violence was shown some love (despite my resistance to the film, anything that will allow David Cronenberg to make more movies is a good thing), Cillian Murphy's Breakfast on Pluto performance was recognized (as was Keira Knightley's excellent turn in Pride & Prejudice), and Rent was entirely shut out (Sorry, Josh). And I have zero qualms with the Brokeback/Walk the Line love--but that was entirely expected.
Thus ends this edition of The Whine Colored Sea By Request.


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