Monday, May 01, 2006

Pedastalizing ZOG.

As I'm not actually Jewish nor am I a raving anti-semite, the whole ZOG thing has never been entirely clear to me. I bring this up because I was recently reading customer reviews on Netflix (Jesus, that sounds so pathetic) and came across this blurb by "TruthSetsFree":
Veronica Mars: Season One
Two out of Five Stars

Standard Zionest formula. Cutie pie Jewish Princess and Sweet Daddy solve crimes. Targeted at the high school demographic (the most programmable and impressionable age) the show promotes and pedestalizes Blacks, accepts the Hispanic gang presence as cool and outright denegrates the Irish race. Scattered, pointless writing worked around the major premise with snotty-valley-girl coolness to make it hip to teenagers. What a waste of air time!

Let's tackle the most glaring problem first: that is not a two star review. Clearly that's a one star review if I've ever seen one. Secondly, I don't think "pedestalizes" is a word. Thirdly, I don't remember any Irish denigration in Season One. You can make the case in Season Two, but that's not what's at issue here.
Oh and then there's that whole Zionist thing. Yeah, so Kristen Bell (the titular V. Mars) is a total Midwestern shiksa in real life and on the show the Mars family has never acknowledged any Jewish heritage. No casual mentions of seders, matzo, Israel, Maccabees, or Tu Bishvat... nothing. In fact, the Mars family has celebrated Christmas on the show...

And that's when it hit me-- TruthSetsFree might be one of those, er, conspiracy nuts. You know, who likes to find hidden meanings in every pop cultural artifact they get their hands on. I decided I had to dig deeper, to find out if my hunch was correct. So I looked up his other reviews.

"A fictional Jewish production of the 54th Massachusettes' actions during the Civil War. Could this be what the ZOG would like to see happen all over the US today?"

Well, to be fair, Glory is a political piece and was made by someone of the Jewish persuasion, so it's a wash; can't tell. Maybe that is what ZOG would like see all over the USA. (Although I'm not entirely sure what "this" is.)

Me, Myself & Irene:
"1 out of 5 stars.
Overt Zionest Jim Carrey's most despicable offering, which denigrates Whites and pedestalizes Blacks; overt profanity, disgusting situations...overt Zionest propaganda. Do yourself a favor and throw this one in the trash without viewing."

Again, what is it with the "pedestalizing"? And I gotta say, I really don't remember any overt Zionism (or subtextual for that matter) in the film, nor can I recall Jim Carrey ever getting political on any topic. I'm beginning to suspect that TSF does fit the conspiracy nut mold.

Next up, Team America:
"1 out of 5 stars.
Whether you get this film or not depends on if you believe the US-ZOG has been utilizing our unsuspecting National Guard boys(at their expense) as mercenaries to murder Muslims in Iraq! This film perpetrates the myth that the US is the supplier of expendable cannon-fodder for the world's wars, as designated by the ZOG and the US Corporate Structure. Half phony jingoist propaganda and half overt zionest denigration of the White and Muslim races, the film reaches new heights in despicable film making. Highlights include forced white male felatio, puppet pornagrapics and denigration of other races. Do yourself a favor and throw this ethnocentric/racist piece of garbage where it belongs!"

That does it. I am now prepared to say that TSF is most likely a conspiracy nut.
Here's the thing: I definitely "got" Team America but I'd never heard of--never could've imagined!--the US-ZOG utilizing the Guard for such mendacity. Does that mean I didn't actually get it? I read it as an allegorical/libertarian bit of wishful thinking by Trey Parker and Matt Stone wherein the Left would stop whining and realize that we're in the midst of some serious Islamofacist danger and the Right would stop acting like jingoistic, trigger-happy bullies. Man, I guess I was way off. Oh wait, no... No, I'm not fucking insane.
Case closed, y'all.

(All snark aside-- don't you love that this guy charges Team America with racism when he's taking offense to depictions of "forced white male felatio [sic]"? He'd have no objection to, say, an Asian man being forced to give head apparently.)


At 3:13 PM, Blogger Tim said...

As a card carrying, dues paying member of ZOG, let me say this: K. Bell is not a member of the tribe, but no ZOG official would deny her entry into our little club. Certainly not this member, and no other member would be allowed to deny her as long as I am card carrying and dues paying. She's what my grandmother would call a "convertible" even if both of the people she's called that ended up semi-converting her Jewish granddaughters into Christmas craving converts, but I digress. We, at ZOG, love V. Mars and if anything consider our possible involvement in its brilliance to be nothing more than the highest of compliments.

At 11:38 PM, Blogger Joshua said...

I want to pedestalize TruthSetsFree.

You know, this is probably terrible, but I love to go to StormFront and read their Aryan movie reviews. They are always good for a chuckle, plus I figure if the Aryans are debating the "race-mixy" values of Harry Potter, then they're too busy to be doing anything truly bad. I posted this on my blog a long time ago, but it's still my favorite, a dual review of Tarkovsky's and Soderbergh's versions of "Solaris":

"To me, "Solaris" by Tarkovsky, is a meditation on the way a European white human can transcend the most vicious of political societies, Jewish Semitic Communism, by focusing on the pure Beauty of the White Woman. In reverence...not possession, truly Agape.


The Jew Steven Soderbergh's version, his Hollywood jew-Mafia banker/producers wanted to destroy something beautiful, so they made a version which showed the story of Solaris as one man's personal Sartre/Camus-like angst. A sort of selfish-Jew-greed version of the world."

At 4:12 PM, Blogger Ben said...

"You know, this is probably terrible, but I love to go to StormFront and read their Aryan movie reviews."
That is terrible, Josh. And that's why we're friends.


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