Friday, March 11, 2005

Rant of the week.

A nice way to start one's Friday is by snorting water through one's nose, followed by intense bouts of laughter. Thanks, Josh:

"No we can't be friends because your fucking books promote a shitty, banal, bland, boring and hideously useless direction for the novel to go in and I, for one, love The Novel more than I love you and daddy and mommy fought so much because they hated you as much as I do, obviously, so get over it and start acting like a grown-up who knows he's blessed to live the life of a writer and knows that if he can't defend his masturbatory, ten-thousand page tour-de-force then he should go back to running a fucking pirate store."

--La Guida di Fagistan taking on a certain McDouche.


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