Thursday, April 21, 2005

Hit parade.

Currently in heavy rotation:

  • Ryan Adams - Let It Ride: I'd written Mr. Posey off after the double blah dose of Love is Hell and Rock N Roll--sorry, lloR N kcoR. But then this little tune shows up on the iTunes store and it's one of those effortlessly catchy Whiskeytown rambles that Ryan used to specialize in.

  • Garbage - Why Do You Love Me?: Yes, yes, they're old and probably past their prime. I get it. But dammit, I'm addicted to the way "Why Do You Love Me?" starts and stops and switches tempos without warning while the Manson works herself up into a lather and the guys recycle the riff from Collective Soul's "Shine" without a hint of guilt or shame or irony.

  • Michael Penn - Mary Lynn: An Irish-stomper with subtle electronic shading from Michael Penn? Hell yeah!

  • Karen O - that song from the Adidas commercial: How weird is this track? All plucky piano and bells and strings and her odd vocal delivery. If Carter Burwell scored films in the '60s, it'd probably sound like ths.

  • Incredible Bongo Band - Apache: Michaelangelo Matos has a lengthy essay on his blog about the various incarnations of the song "Apache." It turned me on to the Incredible Bongo Band version that's currently looping on my iPod. The track has been sampled by so many hip-hop and electronic musicians that it's a novelty just to hear it in its original context. And bongo solos are always a plus. For serious.


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