Friday, August 19, 2005


Nick Sylvester's blog, Riff Raff, is making my boring descent into insanity Friday afternoon bearable. Here's why:

One: His list of what M.I.A. has to add to her live show before he sits through it again. Item number six is: "During 'Bucky Done Gun,' Siegfried & Roy appear on stage leading an interminable line of white tigers. Diplo, inexplicably dressed as Tony the Tiger, gives high fives to all the tigers passing by (they confuse him for an actual tiger). Siegfried & Roy arrange the tigers into a kick line, which lasts for five hours. All the sudden a Bengali tiger attacks Roy, this time swallowing him whole. Diplo high-fives the Bengali tiger, who is actually M.I.A.'s dad. They are happy to meet, and he consents to their marriage."

Two: His interview with Tori Amos, where he spends the entire time asking about Dan Brown, Brown's runaway bestseller The DaVinci Code, Brown's previous novel, Angels & Demons, and whether she'd collaborate with Brown on a novel.

Three: His David Foster Wallace-esque take on the current Backstreet Boy tour.


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