Thursday, December 15, 2005

Don't believe the hype.

What is it? Are A.O. Scott, Dave Kehr, and Roger Ebert (among others) so desperate for Woody Allen to make a film that's not an outright disaster that they're willing to trumpet the lugubrious and tin-eared Match Point as some sort of return to form? Look, the film is fine; there's a pleasant clip to the setup, it looks gorgeous, and certain scenes have a surprising grace. Hell, it's probably Woody's most solid achievement since Deconstructing Harry-- as if that really means much. But c'mon, guys. A return to form? Which form? Interiors? Match Point is fine in theory but a wreck in execution; it's all overheated acting and expository-heavy dialogue. (And Scarlett... It's OK, baby. I don't blame you. That was a thankless task handed to you.)
I think I'll leave it at that-- Woody's got some tricks up his sleeve and I don't want to reveal anything that would screw up your viewing of the film, but come back when you've seen it and tell me what you think and then we'll debate Match Point's merits.


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