Wednesday, May 24, 2006

That ain't me, babe.

The Guardian's CultureVulture works up a lather (gender politics, whether a female actors should be called an "actress," etc.) over the news that Cate Blanchett will play Bob Dylan in Todd Haynes's upcoming biopic, I'm Not There. "Maybe Todd Haynes thinks that Blanchett has a radical spirit that coincides with Dylan's," The Vulture writes, "Maybe Blanchett can express Dylan's female side. Maybe she can sing. Who knows?"

Am I wrong in thinking that The Vulture is missing the point entirely? As I understand it, Haynes hired eight very different actors and actresses to portray abstract aspects of the Dylan persona. For Christ's sake, Haynes unsuccessfully wooed Oprah frickin' Winfrey to "play" "Bob Dylan." Both Charlotte Gainsbourg and Richard Gere are already on board as other variants of Zimmy. Anyone who thinks this film--subtitled Suppositions on a Film Concerning Dylan--is going to be a two hours of hagiographic mimicry (a la Walk the Line and Ray) is way off.

Oh, and happy birthday, Mr. Dylan.


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