Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tuesday morning dispatch.

A couple of links and whatnot on this Tuesday morning. I'll be back soon to rant and rave and tell you about the Mandrillosaur. But let me just be a buzzkill for a second.

I was channel surfing on Friday and happened upon Fox News' Shepard Smith giving an update from the New Orleans Convention center. If you've ever seen Shep deliver the news on Fox, you know he's a bland talking head who plows through the day's events with a GOP tint as per the Fox News dictum.
Not last Friday.
The man was seething. He was calling it as it was: FEMA was nowhere to be seen, people who had been stranded for four days were without food and water, corpses were just laying on the ground... You know the drill. Sean Hannity was doing his damnedest to give it a positive spin and to reel him in, but Shep was having none of it ("Shep, let's put it in perspective..." "This is perspective!").
Finally, the facade is cracking and, worn down by the horror surrounding them, these journalists are beginning to ask tough questions and reject the bullshit.

Jack Shafer has more accounts of journalists rebelling and Crooks and Liars has video of the Sean/Shep exchange. (Warning: the video also contains Geraldo Rivera grandstanding.)

Thus ends my first and only entry on Katrina. (Yeah, what he said.)


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