Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Marion/Pat: This is your life.

Tim beat me to the punch in posting an anti-Marion "Pat" Robertson screed. (I know, how daring, hating on Marion "Pat" Robertson. But he makes it so easy...)

This post started out as a little detour from film lists and all that blah blah blah and was going to be an appreciation of the hilarious Hugo Chavez song-and-dance number that Marion "Pat" Robertson is currently selling, but Tim covered it nicely. (I'd just add that Marion/Pat neglected to mention that he also said "If [Chavez] thinks we're trying to assassinate him, I think we really ought to go ahead and do it." I'd love to see him try to play semantic games with that.)

The real point of all of this is: you really must read the Wikipedia entry on Marion "Pat" Robertson. It's an awesome litany of righteous insanity and hypocrisy. And it makes me laugh. A lot.
Here's a profoundly religious man and icon of "pro-family" values and his life story contains dalliances with whores, falsified wedding certificates, and dubious dealings with African diamond mines and dictators.
But, Ben, you say, that's all so gossipy and questionable. Fine. He's on record as saying he willed Hurricane Gloria away from Virginia with the power of his prayer, said it'd be a good for America if a small nuke went off in the State Department's HQ, and (in a recent and famous example) claimed that activist judges are a bigger threat to America than Islamofacists. Oh and somehow, despite his belief that abortion is one of the biggest problems in America, he supports China's abortion-enforced "One Child Only" policy. (China is, according to Marion/Pat, just "doing what they have to do.")

I hope Marion/Pat never leaves us. May He live forever, enriching and elevating political discourse as only He can. Amen.


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