Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Hola amigos.
Not dead, just, you know, stuck doing dumb stuff. Trust me, I'd rather be blogging about my newfound love for Mouse Hunt (no, really... for real... I hella loved it) or joining in the Caché chats over in Girishberg or Trixville (Aaron Hills is killing it over there).
Whatever, you'll get your Mouse Hunt love soon enough.
I'll leave you with a blast of candid radness from Lou Reed: "I read [the Factory Girl] script. It's one of the most disgusting, foul things I've seen - by any illiterate retard - in a long time. There's no limit to how low some people will go to write something to make money."
(For the record: I don't really know anything about Factory Girl, I'm just a fan of sound bites from celebrities that haven't been bludgeoned by publicists.)


At 7:42 PM, Anonymous dvd said...

If you're referring to the film that introduced Gore Verbinski to the silver screen, then I agree: Mouse Hunt is a complete delight. And, of course, it features the final performance of William Hinckley...as a corpse.

At 10:05 AM, Blogger Ben said...

Yessir, I was expressing love for the Verbinski Mouse Hunt. I remember reading the "Guilty Pleasures" section of Film Comment and the dude who directed Shaun of the Dead included it as one of his guilty pleasures. He wrote (something along these lines) that you have to watch it in winter with a slight buzz. I took his advice and enjoyed it way more than I probably should have. (It's basically a silly silent movie, no?)

At 11:49 AM, Blogger Joshua said...

Who knew Lou Reed could still speak?


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