Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thursday night links.

  • LynchNet has pictures from Mr. Lynch's upcoming Inland Empire.

  • Suggested Listening: Mark Romanek's keynote address at ResFest L.A. (Among questions finally answered: how did they get Joni Mitchell to provide a commentary track on Mark's compilation DVD.)

  • Your weekly Armondism:
    "Fans of Match Point should confess that they are indifferent to brutality, having sunk to the same level as extreme-horror punks. Surely those scandalous Abu Grahib photos can be viewed with the same delectation as stills from Hostel and Johansson’s various fuck-me postures."
    Yup, he went there.

  • Suggested Listening, Part 2: Diplo remixes Bloc Party.

  • Aw fuck it, you know you want one more Armondism. Here it is:
    "[T]he Farrellys’ radical humanist philosophy is so cheerful that, despite what Entertainment Weekly says about Brokeback Mountain, The Ringer is the revolutionary film of the moment."

Happy almost-Friday.


At 8:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding "Match Point" if you would like to see what looks to be the original version or a huge inspiration

I guess if you are going to lift plots from old novels and/or movies...

I.e., Small Time Crooks/Larceny, Inc.

Dreiser and Perelmans are not bad places to start


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