Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dear Focus Features Marketing Dept.,

I know you're getting a lot of love because you've taken a nice, old-fashioned weepie that's remarkable only because it's, er, gayer than usual and turned it into an Oscar sureshot. Propers to that, but that's not why I'm writing. Nope, I'm writing re: your promotional efforts for Brick.

I'd never heard of it until today. (Somehow I missed its triumphant 2005 Sundance win for "Originality of Vision"--God bless those batshit Sundance juries and their fancy awards--and haven't really been keeping up with Lukas Haas's career.) Then I came across these two posters for the film:

Guys, bravo. Bra-vo. Based on those beautifully-executed suckers, I immediately downloaded the trailer. Guess what shot way up on my most-anticipated-in-'06 list? Yup, your little movie that I'd never heard of until today. Of course, it doesn't hurt that it looks like you actually have a good film on your hands, making the whole promotion thing a little easier. Plus, the fact that I'm in the midst of a full-on Veronica Mars, uh, fixation*--which your film bares a striking resemblance to**--probably makes me an easy sell. Regardless, the posters are excellent, the trailer is one of the best of I've seen in ages, you made my day.

Your admiring pal,


PS: Double/triple bonus points for (a) reading my blog and (b) tracking down my work address and sending me a bunch of Brick posters. That kind of homework is clearly why Brokeback is going to win Best Picture.

*Sigh. That admission makes me sound like one of those sad Buffy fans that used to annoy the hell out of me.
** Minus Kristen Bell (alas) and with the Twin Peaks allusions pumped way up (always fine in my book).


At 6:50 PM, Blogger girish said...

Ben--I watched the entire first season of Veronica Mars over the course of three days during winter break. What a blast.
I started out a little lukewarm on Kristen Bell but that lasted only a few minutes. Soon, I was a giggly fan. What a fun, smart show.
And how cool is it that the most interesting relationship she has with a male on the show is...with her dad.
Now. Like an idiot, I cancelled TV service a couple of years ago (OD'ed on television in the 90's like you wouldn't believe; allergies soon set in) and so have not seen a single season 2 episode. And I'll probably have to wait a year for DVD. What a king-size bummer.

At 10:21 AM, Blogger Ben said...

The first season in three days?! That is intense. I'm glad you liked it-- and I agree totally that the relationship between father and daughter is one of the show's best parts. Thus far, Season Two is pretty damn great. And fear not, I'd bet the next dvd collection will be out by summer. (Not sure if you've done any reading on Mars, but if you haven't seen this Season One wrap-up by Stephanie Zacharek, you should check it out.)

At 10:49 AM, Blogger girish said...

Thanks, Ben. Have done no reading on the show, so this is welcome.
The DVDs are still on my night-stand; think I'm ready for a second go-round.

At 3:30 PM, Blogger Beano said...

brick looks awesome. I :> Joseph Gordon Levitt he is amazing. Plus it doesn't hurt that he is hot. Side subject I'm looking on your page and noticed you had a Smiths record shown. my fav band of all time. just thought i'd share. it's nice to see there people out there that still listen to good music. question, do you listen to lightning bolt? i have read on here you like some noise kind of bands they are awesome. later ben.

p.s. im not calling you ben, my name is ben hope there is no confusion.

At 10:16 AM, Blogger Ben said...

Ben, I don't know Lightning Bolt. Heading over to the iTunes store to listen to some samples... thanks.


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