Thursday, February 09, 2006

Land of the lost.

'Fess up, you watched (some) of the Grammys. Me too. For some strange reason, I thought the much-hyped Sly tribute was going to be something special. (I know, I know, I know, shhhh.) Was there anything more depressing than Sly actually showing up and, uh, half-miming a keyboard solo for thirty seconds before departing?


I now present some of my favorite comments from the I Love Music gang re: the Sly & The Family Stone Tribute.
Does he have a hunchback? DOES HE HAVE A HUNCHBACK?
-- Michael Daddino (epicharmu...), February 9th, 2006.

how could sly in his worse throes of coke binge be worse than this
-- dan bunnybrain (bunnybrai...), February 9th, 2006.

ok, it's official, there's no God
-- Thomas Tallis (tallis4...), February 9th, 2006.

He *is* hunchbacked.
-- Michael Daddino (epicharmu...), February 9th, 2006.

To quote my wife: "He looks like my grandfather crossed with a dragon!"
-- Josh in Chicago (Vitesse9...), February 9th, 2006.

Even the cameraman can't look.
-- Michael Daddino (epicharmu...), February 9th, 2006.

i loved the shots of steven tyler looking around to see whether he should be making any rawk noises or not.
-- Kim (grimstitc...), February 9th, 2006.

Steve Tyler did say "Sly, let's do it like we used to do it" ... he was obviously talking about leaving the stage to go snort some coke.
-- NoTimeBeforeTime (mbvarkestra197...), February 9th, 2006.

He looked to me like one those Land of the Lost Chaka people had started interbreeding with the Sleestaks.
-- Redd Harvest (louder...), February 9th, 2006.


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