Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hey there.

To My Three (or so) Regular Readers,

I am not dead, merely out of a job. (Huzzah for unemployment.)
I'll be back shortly with a rundown of all the pop culture goodness that I've been ingesting lately. I leave you with bits from Armond White's latest valentine to Woody Allen:
Why doesn’t Woody Allen just quit? He craps out movies (six already this millennium) as if Vincent Canby were still at the Times dictating New York’s cultural taste. It’s hard to deny that Allen’s artistic stature owes less to skill or vision than to his cemented media caché—all the ineptitude that’s fit to praise. This hometown boy phenomenon is made clear by Allen’s recent fish-out-of-water relocation to England for Match Point, a vile drama, and his not-so-different, lamentable new comedy, Scoop. Outside Manhattan, Woody’s movies have no justification. [snip] To humiliate [Scarlett] Johansson any further, Allen would have to ... literally take a dump on her.

xo Ben


At 5:42 PM, Blogger D. Greene said...

Los Angeles sucks! Move to the Midwest, it's where the action is! Or join the Air Force and be a videographer.

Be Well,


At 4:58 PM, Blogger freemanintoonie said...

I know that Armond's recent descent into self-parody is something you've already blogged about, but this new doozy goes beyond that - it's vile, crass, Coulteresque drivel. It's quite a stretch to connect a director's poor use of an actress to him taking a crap on her. It's either a) shock and awe critical-style destined to get AW more attention (mission accomplished, clearly) or b)some dark part of AW's mind revealing itself at an unfortunate time. Cheap psychology? Damn straight. In that final sentence, it's really AW dissing SJ with the scat reference than anything Allen has done. White needs to sort out his feelings towards actresses without accussing dirty old men with cameras of...well, enough with the no. 2 references.

Anyway, great blog. I've been reading it for awhile, as you seem to put into your ear and eyehole much the same junk I do. Always comforting. So I guess as one of the three people who reguarly check your blog who isn't a friend or relative (an Australian who found you doing an AW search on Google, for what it's worth)I'm saying: keep it up, employed or unemployed.

At 2:34 AM, Blogger Joshua said...

Thank you, Friend Australian.

I have imposed a ban on myself against defending Woody publicly, especially on Ben's blog, because he gets mad at me. I haven't seen "Scoop" -- but (breaking the ban) what's up with critics not only casting him as misogynistic (I don't always agree, but this isn't necessarily a bad line of attack with Mr. Allen) but always seem to raise the question "Why would they want to work for him?" Excepting Mia Farrow, most Allen women express genuine friendship with him -- not "admiration for his skill" but actual friendship. And all hints are that Scarlett (who is turning into the next Great Allen Lady) is no exception. She talks about how much fun it is to work with him and has made two films in as many years with the guy, at far below her market value. And this talk of humiliation from a man who loves Mission To Mars? The movie in which Connie Nielsen was nothing more than a weightless Barbie doll? Please.

At 3:35 PM, Blogger B.A. Slattery said...

I really liked Match Point. And I agree with D. Greene -- L.A. sucks. You've gotta get outta there. But the Midwest certainly isn't your solution, unless you're up for drinking moonshine, fucking your cousin, and voting Republican without looking at the candidates.

At 6:04 PM, Blogger Tim said...'d be better to go to Boston where you could vote for the royal family every 4-6 years.


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